viernes, 10 de julio de 2009

"Syllabus design" by David Nunan

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  1. Where is your comment on the article? That is very important!!

  2. In my opinion the syllabus could be a very important factor as regards interaction between the teacher and the students, because it allows both sides to follow a certain order at the time of teaching and learning. The students can ask for clarification, exchange ideas about the topic or task; and the teacher could pay attention to that and reflect about the content that it is given, taking into account that the syllabus is a source of information for the students.

  3. I think your summary is crucial at the time of stablishing the order of the lesson. It brings some armonia between teacher and students by making clear expectations of material to be learned, behavior in the classroom, etc.
    Finally I consider very important the consideration of the needs described in the summary.

  4. The syllabus also allows us, teachers, to make sure that all the contents are covered in a logical sequence that, hopefully, will enhance our sts' chances to learn and revise content.